5 Benefits of Sleeping with Pets in Your Bed

Pet owners tend to fall into one of two categories: those that have a strict rule agains no pets in the bedroom and those who love sleeping with pets in their bed. For those who fall into the second category, human-animal co-sleeping can be a great way to enjoy the comfort of sleeping with their furry friends. And we have good news for those that fall into the second category!

Studies have found that there are actually a number of physical and mental health benefits of sleeping with pets in your bed, especially for those who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

And if you don't currently let your furry friend sleep in bed with you, this may be the article that changes that. Lets take a look at all of the ways that sleeping with your dog can actually be good for you.

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1. Improved sleep quality

We often hear about the quantity of sleep that we need every night, but something that's often overlooked is that we also need to ensure our sleep quality is good.

Luckily for pet owners who enjoy co sleeping with their animals, they're likely getting pretty good sleep quality. Sleeping with your dog has a number of great benefits, which we'll dive into more deeply, but overall they all contribute to a better sleep quality.


2. Decreases depression

Studies have shown that people who interact with pets have less depressive symptoms, so having pets in the bedroom is a great way to ensure lots of time with your pet and help to boost your mood and decrease depressive symptoms.

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3. Increases a feeling of safety

If you don't feel safe while you sleep, chances are you won't get a very restful sleep, and sleeping with your pet in the same room has been shown to improve your feeling of safety and security at night. Other environmental factors such as a comfortable temperature, noise levels, and light levels can also impact the quality of sleep, as well as the home sleep environment.

Knowing you have your pet there to protect you or pick up on any sounds of an intruder can go along way to making you feel relaxed, even if you aren't fully conscious of this. The human-dog interaction of having your dog sleep in bed with you is a great way to feel safer, and sleep sounder.


4. Decreases loneliness

Particularly for dog owners who live alone or whose partner is away, having your dogs in your sleeping space can be a huge comfort and help to decrease loneliness. There's nothing quite like having your pet there to keep you company, and this alone is a great boost for mental health.

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5. Keeps you warm at night

Anyone who tens to run cold knows how uncomfortable it can be to feel chilly all night. Luckily, sleeping with your pet dogs is like having a built in hot water bottle in your bed!


Are there any downsides to pets sleeping in bed with you?

So far, we've talked about all of the benefits of co-sleeping with your dog, but are there any downsides?

Sure! Just like anything, making the choice to have your pet sleep in your bed isn't a black-and-white decision, and some dog owners may find that the cons outweigh the pros.

For light sleepers, having a dog sleep in your bed may turn out to be too much of a distraction. For someone with pet allergies, they may be fine during the day but find that having their dog sleep in the same bed as them to be too much.

If you have an aggressive dog or one who isn't well behaved, having them sleep in the same bed or even save room may not be a wise move, and a dog who isn't potty trained or house trained likely isn't a great bed sharing partner.

These are just some of the many reasons that you may choose that your favorite furry friend shouldn't co sleep with you and should instead have their own bed.

If you do decide that sleeping with pets in bed is what you'd like to do, make sure you wash your bedding more often. Pet dander and dirt from outside comes along with sharing a bed with your pet, so make sure you're washing your bedding regularly!

We also recommend using a mattress pad if you sleep with dogs in your bed, as this can be cleaned much easier than a mattress.

Ultimately, deciding whether sleeping with your pet is a good idea or not comes down to a personal choice. What's right for one person won't be right for another. But for those who do sleep with dogs, it's nice to know that there are some great health benefits involved and that you're getting just as much out of it as your furry friend is.


Overall, sleeping with pets can be a great way to get some restful sleep, reduce depression, and feel safe and secure. There are some potential downsides that should be considered, such as allergies and the environmental factors in the home, but for those who make the choice to let their pets sleep in bed with them, the benefits can outweigh the drawbacks.

So for those who already love snuggling up with their furry friends at night, know that you're doing something good for your mental and physical health! aggravate allergies owner's bed protective nature purposely wake harmful bacteria immune systems sleep pet clean chronic diseases. Additionally, it is important to remember that while pet sleep can be beneficial, human sleep is just as important and should not be overlooked.