Abrilina Monogrammed Double Doormat

by A1HC


Add an excellent decorative accent to your doorway or entrance with this Abrilina monogrammed doormat to represent your last name. Featuring all the letters of the alphabet, this mat helps remove dirt, debris and moisture from the soles of your shoes. Flexible coir bristles are robust and durable for a good scrub result. This mat provides exceptional brushing action on footwear with excellent water absorption.

  • The doormat is made of 100% pure coconut coir, which is one of the strongest natural fibers in the world and an excellent dirt trapper
  • The Eco-friendly material has a heavy-duty 0.75” thick pile and is made so there are no patches where you can see through to the PVC mat below.
  • PVC Backing created anti-slip surface and holds coir fibers in place.
  • Anti Shed treated to minimize shedding. Coir fibers naturally sheds our anti shed treatment minimized shedding but doesn’t guarantee no shedding.
  • Coconut coir is naturally resistant to bacteria and fungi, making this the most low-maintenance doormat possible.
  • Monogrammed in USA.
  • Only for use in covered outdoor areas. Do not expose directly to sunlight or rain.



30” x 48” x 0.75"