How to Make Your Bed Cozy for Fall

How to Make Your Bed Cozy for Fall

Just in time for the chillier weather, we’re showing you how to make your bed cozy for fall!

Fall is here, and we couldn’t be happier about it! One of our favorite things to do this time of year is to make a couple of changes to our home décor and add some fall touches. A few throw blankets, candles, and pumpkin arrangements can go a long way in creating that perfect fall hygge feeling.

Today, we’re focusing specifically on the bedroom and sharing our top tips for making your bed look and feel cozy for fall. Light linens and minimal bedding are perfect for the hot summer months, but now that fall is here, we need to a few extras to stay warm and comfortable.

Keep reading to learn how to create the perfect hygge bedroom this fall.

Layers, layers, layers
Just like our favorite fall outfits, creating a cozy fall bed comes down to adding lots of layers. In the summer, we love a simple, neutral bed with just a light comforter and nothing extra, but in the fall, adding extra layers not only feels warmer and cozier, but it also makes your bed look comfier and cozier (and we all know, getting the look right is half the battle!).

You can add layers in many different ways, and a lot of this will come down to your personal style and preferences. A top sheet, extra comforters, throw pillows, and throw blankets are all great layering options.

Switch up your comforter
A light, breathable comforter is perfect for summer but in the fall, that’s not going to cut it. Swap your summer comforter out for a heavier one, or if you get really chilly, layer two together!

Our 3 in 1 wool comforter is the perfect all season duvet. With two separate inserts, you can choose the level of warmth depending on the season. The 200 GSM insert is perfect for summer, and then when fall rolls around, you can switch to the 400 GSM insert- OR snap both inserts together for maximum warmth!

If you’re the type that can never get enough blankets, our cotton air duvet is the perfect layering duvet for a little extra warmth. We love how @homeonfernhill layers hers at the foot of her bed to keep it on hand for those extra chilly nights.

Add more pillows
While extra pillows may not make your bed feel warmer, it will definitely make it look cozier! Seeing a pile of pillows just gives us an instant dose of hygge.

Switch your bed-sheets
Did you know that it’s not just the material of your bedding but also the weave that affects your warmth? We offer both percale cotton bedding and sateen cotton bedding, and while they’re both cotton, their weaves give them different properties.

Percale cotton is the bedding we recommend for summer, or for anyone who sleeps warm. The one-over-one-under weave makes it lightweight and ultra-breathable.

Sateen cotton, on the other hand, is the perfect bedding for the cooler months. Its two-over-one-under weave gives it a smoother feel and helps to hold in more warmth (while still remaining breathable).

Switching between percale and sateen cotton throughout the year not only helps to regulate your sleeping temperature with the seasons, but it also extends the life of your sheets.

Opt for darker bedding colors
This one is purely a style choice but switching from light and breezy bedding shades to darker warmer tones helps to amp up the coziness us well.

Pile on the throw blankets
The final touch? A warm chunky knit throw blanket to cozy up with.

And voila! You have the perfect cozy bed for fall.

Create your perfect fall bed with our collection of cozy, organic cotton bedding essentials.