Designed for better living


We recently transitioned from A1HC to Delara. Delara was born from an intent of care and doing better. The term ‘Delara’ is derived from the Farsi word Dilara which means something that makes the heart beautiful. Our products are designed with the sole purpose of providing the highest levels of comfort backed by research to make personal time more desirable. Be it the right weight of thread, the weave construction or the right material to maintain a comfortable body temperature all while being aware of the footprint we leave behind on nature. At Delara, we believe that responsible consumption with sustainable methods is not just good for our planet but also good for a future that’s more aware of its consumption.

It’s not just our products that reflect this thought, we as a company seek to employ and collaborate with those who are aligned with this vision and constantly push us to do better– with our products, with equitable compensation for our staff, and with a singular focus to drive more conscious and sustainable consumption. Due to the rebranding, we didn’t want to discard some of our existing packaging and brandings. The change in name will start reflecting on our packaging once we are done with our current inventory.Because as an organisation that believes in sustainability, we cannot in good conscience packaging overnight. We want this to be a fruitful transition. Not just for us, but for our planet as well. We would request you to bear with us.

Thank you!
Akshay Bahl;

Our Materials

We are rooted in quality without compromise. Like wool from New zealand for our comforters & Organic cotton for our textiles. Our Raw materials are time tested fused with cutting edge technology while keeping a check on the carbon footprint.

Organic cotton has the powerful advantage of following internationally recognised organic farming standards. Our organic certification ensures healthy, clean, traceable cotton products that benefit people and the environment through all stages of growing and production. We worked tirelessly to find the right partners to fulfill our vision of “Fair Trade at a Fair Price.” Not only do our farming and factory partners produce the highest quality products, they strictly adhere to the highest social, economic & environmental standards. Which means our customers benefit completely from our cotton. 

Wool is a product of nature, a sustainable and renewable resource. In New Zealand sheep outnumber humans about six to one. Thanks to these processes we utilize 60% less energy than other fibers used in comforters such as microfiber and other down alternatives. We work with factories which are Oeko-Tex certified to ensure our wool is held to high standards of farming, land management and animal welfare. Our superfine New Zealand Wool’s soft hollow fibers “breathe” and help regulate body temperature so it keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet, keeping you dry and comfortable.



Reduction in green
house gase

We believe in leading by example, so we embed a deep commitment to social and environmental standards in everything we do.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful or functional your products are if humans and the environment are being exploited in the process. At Delara we do things differently, with a responsible approach to making our products without compromising on quality and function. Our commitment as a brand is to keep learning, exploring, and innovating. With every decision we make, we will always choose the most responsible path.