The Best Bedding for Hot Sleepers

The Best Bedding for Hot Sleepers

Looking for the best bedding for hot sleepers? We’ve got you covered (literally!).

Nothing interrupts a good sleep more than being too hot at night. For many of us, the warm summer months make it difficult to sleep, but others tend to run hot when they sleep year-round.

There are lots of things you can do to stay cool while you sleep, including sleeping with your windows open, using a fan, taking a cool shower before bed, but one of the most important (and overlooked) is choosing the right bedding.

The material of your bedding has a huge impact on your temperature regulation during the night and can make or break your sleep comfort. Keep reading while we break down the best bedding for hot sleepers so you can sleep cool at night.

The Best Bedsheets for Hot Sleepers

The first thing we want to look at is our bedsheets. We all know that cotton is breathable, but the weave itself can make a big difference in sleep temperature.

At Delara Home, we offer both sateen and percale cotton bedding. Sateen features a two over, one under weave, giving it a slightly heavier feel, and more of a sheen. Sateen is great for cooler months and for a smoother style.

Percale, on the other hand, features a one over, one under weave, making it lightweight and ultra-breathable. Percale cotton is the perfect summer sheet, or year-round bedsheet for hot sleepers.

Now that we have our foundation taken care of, it’s time to take a look at comforters.


The Best Comforters for Hot Sleepers

We have good news for warm sleepers: you don’t need to ditch your duvet! Even if you tend to run warm, there is something so cozy about sleeping with a duvet or comforter, and luckily, there are lots of great comforters available for warm sleepers.

The key, again, is to choose comforters with the right material that are breathable and temperature regulating.

We offer three great comforter options that will keep even the warmest sleepers comfortable (pst! Scroll to the last option for our top pick!)

Down Alternative Summer Duvet

Our down alternative summer duvet mimics the fluffy feeling of a down duvet, while being hypoallergenic. The insert is ultra-lightweight and has a 100% Certified Organic Cotton shell, which manages heat and moisture to effectively reduce humidity throughout the night. 

Shop the down alternative summer duvet.

Cotton Air Duvet

Our cotton air duvet, has all-natural and un-dyed organic cotton fiber, encased in a lightweight certified organic cotton fabric, giving this duvet outstanding breathability keeping you cool, dry and comfortable during those hot sleepless nights. Not only is it perfect for hot summer months, but it can also be layered to add an extra layer of warmth in the winter.

Shop the cotton air duvet.


Anti-Humidity Wool Duvets

Our wool duvets are the ultimate cooling duvet option. Wool fibers have thermal properties which adjust to the natural body heat emitted, keeping the chill away in the winter and keeping the body cool in the summer. Made with 100% pure New Zealand wool, you’ll get all of the coziness and comfort of a duvet, while keeping your body temperature regulated.

We offer our wool duvets in two options: the first is our summer anti-humidity comforter, which has a 200 GSM fill. The second is a 3 in 1 option, which contains both a 200 GSM insert and a 400 GSM inserts. Mix and match the inserts to create the perfect comforter throughout the year.

Shop the wool duvets here.

Don’t let the heat keep you from a good night’s sleep! With the right bedding, you’ll be sleeping comfortable all year long.

Stay cool with our cooling bedsheets and comforters.