How to Style Your Bed Like a Designer

How to Style Your Bed Like a Designer

Looking for that perfect, designer styled bed? You’ve come to the right place! In this week’s post, we’re guiding you step by step through how to style your bed like a designer.

A lot of your bed styling decisions will come down to the look you’re going for. A laid back, neutral bed styling will look a lot different than an elegant hotel-style bed, so take some time before hand to browse on Pinterest and get clear on the vision you want for your bed.

But regardless of your style goals, there are some essential steps to getting that perfectly styled bed, and we’re going to walk you through them.

1. Begin with high quality sheets

Your sheets are your foundation to a beautifully styled and cozy bed, so high quality sheets are a must. There’s nothing quite like slipping into a beautiful bed with soft, thick sheets.

Our organic cotton sheets are available in both sateen and percale weaves. If you’re going for a luxe, smooth look, our sateen sheets are the perfect option. The sateen’s two over, one under weave gives it the glossy smooth, rich look.

If you want more of a relaxed, natural style, or if you tend to sleep warm, our percale sheets are the way to go. Their one over, one under weave keeps them light, crisp, and breathable, with more of a lived-in look, similar to linen.

2. Add a top sheet

If you’re going for a polished look for your bed, a top sheet is a must. It gives that elegant hotel-look that we love. However, if you’re going for more of a relaxed style, this may be a step that you skip.

3. Choose a quality duvet

We truly believe that the duvets and comforters can make or break your bed set up. A lot of duvets, particularly those made form synthetic materials, aren’t breathable and will leave you over heating, or aren’t warm enough and will leave you chilly.

Choosing your duvet is important business, so you want to choose with both your personal style and comfort in mind.

For a fluffy, cloud-like bed, our down alternative duvet is the perfect hypoallergenic comforter choice. Our 3-in-1 options lets you add of remove inserts, so you can use the duvet all year long.

For a smoother, sleek bedding style,our wool duvet is the ideal option. Wool is temperature regulating, so it’s also an amazing year-round option, particularly our 3-in-1 version.

Pro tip: We learned this tip from A Blissful Nest- add a second duvet to make your bed extra fluffy and cozy. Our cotton air duvet is a thinner comforter that’s perfect for layering, or you can style it the way Home on Fern Hill did and fold it at the foot of your bed in place of a throw blanket.


4. Layer your pillows

No self-respecting designer would style a bed with just two pillows! For a beautifully styled bed, you need at least four pillows, and perhaps additional throw pillows, depending on your style.

Thick, fluffy pillows make a bed look so inviting and luxe, and they’re an essential to a beautifully styled bed. Our 3-in1 wool pillow lets you customize your loft, and our down and feather pillows are like little bits of cloud.

5. Play with color and texture

Color and texture take a bed from ordinary to designer level, and the best part is, you can customize it to your personal taste!

If you like an all-white or neutral bedding style, add some texture with throw blankets, throw pillows, or a textured duvet cover. Add a pop of color to your bedding with colorful sheets or throws or try our reversible duvet sets, which allow you to switch up your bedding style!

6. Add a throw blanket

The essential finishing piece to any beautifully styled bed? A cozy throw blanket. Regardless of your bedroom or bedding style, a good throw blanket is the cherry on top.

For a more casual style, drape your throw over the bottom corner of your bed, and for a more polished look, you can lay a folded throw over the foot of the bed.

Our organic cotton throws are the perfect bed styling accessory. Go with our chunky knit throw for a more laid-back, boho styling, or our cable knit throw for a more polished look.

Start creating your dream bed with our organic bedding collection.