6 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Bedding

6 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Bedding

Discover the many benefits of eco-friendly, organic cotton bedding.

When you think of organic cotton, the first thing that comes to mind is likely a pesticide free product. And while this is true (and very important), this is just one of the many benefits of eco-friendly bedding.

In this week’s post, we’re detailing the multitude of ways that switching to organic bedding is good for you, the farmers and employees making your bedding, and the environment.

Cotton has (unfortunately) earned itself the nickname of “the world’s dirtiest crop,” by the World Health Organization due to its high use of pesticides and chemicals, so switching to a cleaner alternative has never been more important!

Note: when you are shopping for organic cotton, be sure to look for certification to ensure that your product is actually organic. Reputable certifications include GOT Certification, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, the USDA Organic Certification.

Fair working conditions
An organic certification doesn’t just mean that your product is chemical free- it also ensures safe and fair working conditions for farmers and factory workers. This includes livable wages, safe working environments, and regulated work hours.

Chemical Free
“The world’s dirtied crop” has really earned its name. Conventional cotton is heavily sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals during the farming process, and unfortunately, these chemicals remain on the cotton fibers when they’re woven into bedding.

Not only that, but they also leach into the surrounding environment and affect the wildlife and inhabitants of the area.

Genetically modified cotton is also common in conventional farming, as it makes the plant more resistant to insects, and certified organic cotton is GMO-free.

When you buy certified organic bedding, you can be sure that you’re buying a product that is pesticide free, free from harsh chemicals, and non-GMO.

As we’ve discussed, organic cotton bedding contains no pesticides, chemicals, harsh dyes, or bleach, all of which can cause skin irritation and other health effects. Especially for those with sensitive skin to begin with, avoiding these harsh chemicals has a huge impact.

Going organic means you’re keeping these harsh chemicals away from your skin and body.

Good for the planet
Not only is organic bedding good for our health, it’s also good for our planet! All of the chemicals and pesticides used to grow conventional cotton end up back in the surrounding environment and contaminant the local water sources, soil, and ecosystem. Organic cotton farming and production practices are truly a win for everyone!

Increases biodiversity
Because organic crops avoid the use of pesticides and chemicals, they often rely on more traditional (and environmentally beneficial) methods of growing. This includes things like using natural fertilizers, growing cover crops, rotating crops, using beneficial insects. All of these not only protect the environment from harm, but actually help to support biodiversity.

Higher quality product
Organic cotton is simply a higher quality product than synthetic bedding or conventionally grown cotton bedding. You’re getting bedding that is better quality, softer, and will last longer.

The bottom line? The benefits of eco-friendly bedding cover a wide range, including your health, your comfort, and the health of the planet! While they may be a slightly higher investment upfront, their benefits more than make up for it.

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